Moslem Shrines - Minarets

Kos - Moslem Shrine NtefterntarMoslem Shrine Ntefterntar
It’s a two storey shrine which was built by the officer Ibrahim Efendi. There are two column supported scales, one in the eastern side and one in the
western side. Both lead to the shrine which is on one of the floors above. In the western side a niche opens up. There is a series of big rectangular windows with semi circle drums on three sides. In the building of the shrine large carved stones have been used on the walls.
Moslem Shrine Lotzias
Kos Island - Moslem Shrine LotziasIt was built by Yazi Hasan Pasa in 1876, possibly on the location of a Byzantine temple of St George. It is a two storey building which has ancient materials. Next to the minaret there was a religious court till 1933. North east of the mosque there was a circular ten sided fountain of Mauritius technique made of white marble which was covered by a dome. The dome was supported by seven arches which were in turn supported by seven columns. During the preservation of the wooden roof it was noticed that the wood used was from a Swedish shipwrecked ship.
The Minaret in Diagora Square
Kos Island - The Minaret in Diagora SquareIn Diagora Square the minaret of Eski Tzamiou was saved. The mosque was demolished after the earthquake of 1933, perhaps because of new building laws. So today we have only saved the cylindrical minaret. If the sign which was found in 1990 by Zeki Cecikkel belongs to Eski Tzami and not to the Mosque Yeni Kapi, then according to the sign the minaret was built in 1586. This means it is the oldest preserved Muslim monument in Kos.
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