Altar of Dionysios and the Temple of Amigdalona

Kos Altar of Dionysios and the Temple of AmigdalonaThe altar of Dionysos and a Doric temple were found southeast of the Market. From the altar, which was a typical specimen of Greel architecture, the level where sacrifices were
made was saved. In the interior eastern side of the altar there was a desk and behind that a low bench. Parts of the marble sculpture can be found in different parts of the city like the entrance of the Castle of Neratzia. The altar is considered to be from the 2nd century BC and is based on parchment prototypes. The unnamed temple was of Doric design, and consisted of an altar and goes back to the 2nd century BC. A base made of marble for a Colossious statue shows a monarch who was connected to the divinity of Attalides.
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