Islet Constructions

Kos Island - Islet ConstructionsAfter the settlement of 366BC the new city of Kos was constructed according to the Ippodanio Street Planning System: the wall of the city would be ring shaped and it would bring
the inside area to a perimetrical road from which direction B-N and A-D started. All these directions crossed over between themselves shaping the interior of the city in a hexagon shape which separated the residential area in blocks. In the centre of the city was the Market(Agora) on the west side the sanctuaries and the substructure for the athletic facilities eg gymnasiums, wrestling arena and stadium, while the houses spread mainly in the eastern and southern part of the city. The main road was 33 metres wide and went through A-D directions and led to Asclipio and the countryside. In the centre of the streets sewage systems which had been constructed there were clay water pipes which transferred water from the reservoir to the city.
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