Basilica on the Cape Skandario, Lambi

Kos - Basilica on the Cape Skandario, LambiIt has three naves with semi-circle arches on the east side and a rectangular antenave on the west. Most parts of the upper construction as well as many marble
architectural parts were used for the construction of the surrounding windmills that lie in the area. Here the baptistery chamber with its cross shaped font and a rectangular antechamber is incorporated into the main temple, on the east part of the northern nave. In this nave marble that initially belonged to the ancient temple has been used for its construction. A large area of the northern nave was been covered by a windmill therefore it wasn’t possible for it to be wholly explored. Due to the great depth of the foundations that reach 1,7 metres into the ground, Balducci believes that the Basilica had a dense top instead of a wooden one. The floors were decorated with mosaic.In one specific mosaic captured by Balducci, pictures of animals are dominant among which you can see panthers and wild boars.
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