Herbs and Essential Oils

Herbs and Essential OilsChamomile: the flower from this fragrant plant which embeds colourfully Greece’s countryside in spring is a wonderful antiseptic and soothing remedy, and its tea benefits gastrointestinal conditions. Boil its buds calculating 1 teaspoon for every cup of water.
Sage: the aromatic leaves surround our Greek mountains, provide a lovely digestive drink and is considered tonic and antifungal. Also used in hair cosmetics. A teaspoon of leaves is enough for a cup of water.
Mint: extremely pleasant in flavour this spicy herb has tonic and digestive benefits. Both its fresh leaves and blossomed flowers can be used. A spoonful of these in boiling water make a delicious drink.
Melissa: this beautiful and fragrant bee herb (also known as Lemon Balm) grows everywhere in Greece. Very pleasant and so useful! Relieves stomach pains, joint pains and is popular for its soothing effects in general. Boil the blossomed flower for a minute, calculating one teaspoon to each cup of water.
Eucalyptus: the rich in medicinal oils leaves are used as antiseptic for the lungs. The health benefits of its essential oil can be attributed to its digestive and stimulating but also healing and disinfectant effects.
Anise: the essential oil extracted from the plant’s seeds is extremely carminative therefore combats indigestion and has a pleasant taste too. Apart from its essential oils it is rich in calcium.
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