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1885: The first goldsmith's workshop was opened in Kos Island by Theodosios Diakogiannis (1852-1928). Ever since, through four generations, Diakogiannis goldsmiths have carried on the tradition of tasteful, high quality, hand made jewelry in keeping with the principles laid down by their founder. The signature and guarantee of Diakogiannis accompanies each jewel and stands for experience, meticulous workmanship, excellence, after sale service and communication with the client. The last few years the range of jewelry has expanded, since pieces from some of the most inspired Greek jewel designers, such as Dolly Boukoyiannis, Katerina Ioannidis, Margarita Meitani and others, have joined Diakogiannis family. In parallel with the jewelry, Diakogiannis goldsmith's offers a great variety of superior watches and accessories as well. Leading companies such as Swatch, Longines, Calvin Klein, Mont Blanc, Seiko and others have entrusted us with their representation as true ambassadors of good taste to convey the aesthetic messages of times.

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Street: 2 Hippokratous Str.
Postcode: 85300
City: Kos
State: Dodecanese
phone-icon4 +30 22420 23392
fax-icon5 +30 22420 22297
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