New projects at Kos Airport

The environmental terms for projects in the Kos airport have been modified, taking the green light to expand its facilities

The projects foreseen in the new decision are the following ...

Extension of the terminal building to a total area of ​​approximately 23.106 m2 (either by maintaining the existing building or by demolishing and rebuilding it) with the necessary air navigation and air traffic control infrastructure. Expansion of the aircraft parking floor by approximately 10.8 acres so that the total new main floor is approximately 81.5 acres. Detach the existing fire-extinguishing station and the water tower. Construction of a new fire-extinguishing plant with a total gross area of ​​approximately 1.100 m2. Removal of the existing substation and new layout in the basement of the expanding terminal. Small-scale hydraulic projects to restore smooth rainwater drainage. Formation of a new service road approximately 470 m long between the main aircraft floor west and the buildings of the terminal and the new fire station east. Layout of ground handling equipment. Connection of the sewage network of the airport to the local network of the Municipality of Herakleidon until then maintenance - extension of the existing WWTP or complete reconstruction of the nearby. Pavement maintenance works New configuration and extension of the surrounding area of ​​the terminal. Construction of a pillar (possibility for prefabrication). Formation of a temporary waste collection area. Shifts - redevelopment of small structures and prefabricated huts, installation of temporary sliding and / or light structures and moving them.

The project also includes the temporary installation and operation of an asphalt mixing plant, with a daily capacity of 1,440 tons.
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