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Tsambika's house: a place with so many choices! In a warm and friendly environment, you can taste a wide variety of tasty dishes daily.

After 11:00 Tsambika's House "dresses" COOK and ensures your lunch and dinner, offering a large variety of freshly cooked dishes. Served daily they offer homemade dishes made with knowledge, taste and fresh ingredients. "Mom's food" is here and it awaits you every day with legumes, greens, soups, salads, yuveti, pastitsio, moussaka, cooked meats and poultry and always fresh seafood and fish. Their menu is filled daily with the best! And every Sunday they enrich the menu with a goat ... !! All cooked food come in large serving portions and also can reach your place, just with a phone call, since it has DELIVERY SERVICE at very competitive prices! SPECIAL PRICES FOR ENTREPRENEURS & TRAINERS !!
Keeping in mind the steady quality and respect for everyone, Tsambika's House will continue to surprise you !!


  • Straße: Australias 2
  • PLZ: 85300
  • Stadt: Kos
  • Staat: Dodekanes


  • Telefon: 0030 22420 06730
  • Cell Phone: 0030 6956308693

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