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UNIQ all day beach bar & restaurant is undoubtedly the ideal place to enjoy the summer. It is located in an incredible location, next to the sea and with its minimalist style and exotic charm it introduces you to a different world. Relaxing sunbeds, sofas, beds and poufs, where you can relax and feel that time stops. At Uniq, the day starts very early with excellent quality coffee and accompanying snacks (sandwiches, club sandwiches, burgers, fruit salads, pizza), made with fresh and selected quality ingredients, in a wide variety of flavors. The store's menu accompanies its customers throughout the day, since even at the store's tables you can enjoy the delicious dishes offered, traditional and modern, until late at night. At Uniq you can also enjoy your drink with modern music, lots of dancing and live parties! It is no coincidence that the store constantly hosts large events. The experience, the mood, the friendly environment, the excellent service are the ideal combination. It should also be noted that in view of the coronavirus, the store provides packaged sterile beach towels and antiseptic, creating a completely safe environment for entertainment and relaxation for its customers. So what more could one ask for? Sun, sea, haute cuisine, wonderful sunbeds and cocktails that color every moment in one place.

UNIQ all day beach bar & restaurant - Averof 36 – 42, Kos and you won't miss it..!!